Book your 30 mins spot to be a guest on Between The Lines

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30 mins Spot

Booking spaces are limited, so grab your spot fast!
In this booking you will get:

  1. A 30 mins pre-recorded interview Live on YouTube
  2. A promo image
  3. YouTube episode url for sharing
(30 minutes)
$ 5.00

OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Live Streaming, Wider Distribution, Promotion and Visibility

Check and select both the 30 mins spot and this OPTIONAL UPGRADE to obtain the following:

  1. Distribution to additional channels
  2. Promotion and visibility via a blog/newsletter
  3. Live/real time engagement from the audience (this is dependent on the guest and host promoting the episode beforehand)
  4. Guest can offer a free giveaway and/or build your subscriber list by submitting a free giveaway url. If you need assistance in creating the giveaway and/or opt in, I can assist you with creating one before the show by clicking this link or use this platform to set it up.
  5. A dedicated Facebook page and community/group where episodes will be shared and you are free to encourage your listeners and watchers to join the community/group and encourage interaction, engagement and feedback on your show as well as others. Only episodes from between The Lines are to be featured on the FB page.
$ 45.00
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